Naturalproducts Organizing Committee

Vakhtang Barbakadze

Head of the Department of Plant Biopolymers
Tbilisi State Medical University

Biography: 1978 and 1999 has completed his Ph.D and D.Sci. at the ages of 33 and ReadMore...

Research Interest: Isolation and structure elucidation of a new series of plant ReadMore...

Mohammed S. Ali-Shtayeh

An-Najah National University

Biography: • Mohammed Saleem Ali-Shtayeh Completed his Ph.D. in Plant Sciences, ReadMore...

Research Interest: Plant Sciences

Nobuo Yamaguchi

Professor Emeritus
Kanazwa Medical University

Biography: Professor Emeritus at Kanazwa Medical University

Research Interest: Fermentation other than Hot-water Extraction

Linda Harvey

Secretary and UK representative to the European Federation of Biotechnology
Professor, University of Strathclyde

Biography: I was promoted to Professor of Applied Microbiology in SIPBS at the Un ReadMore...

Research Interest: Fermentation Technology, Intermediate Microbiology, Advanced ReadMore...

Heru Chen

Professor and Research Director
Jinan University

Biography: Heru Chen has completed his PhD from the Hong Kong University of Scien ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Niroshini Nirmalan

Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader of Biomedical Sciences
University of Salford

Biography: I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1991 a ReadMore...

Research Interest: Malaria continues to inflict a heavy mortality and morbidity ReadMore...

Milind Umekar

Pharmaceutical Teachers of India

Biography: Dr. Milind J. Umekar, Principal and professor, SmtKishoritaiBhoyar col ReadMore...

Research Interest: Herbal formulations, Ayurvedic preparations, Acute and sub-a ReadMore...

Fatma U. Afifi-Yazar

Professor of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
University of Jordan

Biography: Fatma Ülkü Afifi-Yazar, Prof. of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Alexander V.Sirotkin

Constantine the Philosopher University

Biography: Alexander V Sirotkin received his PhD degree in Institute of Evolution ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Jae-Ha Ryu

Director, Research Center for Cell Fate Control
Sookmyung Womens University

Biography: Jae-Ha Ryu has completed his PhD at the College of Pharmacy, Seoul Nat ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Heru Chen

Professor and research director
Jinan University

Biography: Heru Chen has completed his PhD from the Hong Kong University of Scien ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Mark A. Feitelson

Temple University

Biography: Mark Feitelson received his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology in 19 ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biotechnology,Microbiology and Immunology, Pathology and Cel ReadMore...

Ian E. Cock

Griffith University

Biography: Dr Ian Cock completed his PhD from Griffith University in 1994 and und ReadMore...

Research Interest: Dr Ian Cock's research is involved in bioactivity and phytoc ReadMore...

Dave Winkler

Senior Principal Research Scientist
CSIRO Manufacturing

Biography: Prof. Dave Winkler, is a Senior Principal Research Scientist with CSIR ReadMore...

Research Interest: Molecular design, biologically active molecules, biomaterial ReadMore...

Jamal Ouazzani

Research Director
Chemistry Institute Of Natural Substances (CNRS)

Biography: Dr. Jamal Ouazzani completed his PhD in applied microbiology in 1988 f ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Heru Chen

Research director of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Natural Products
Jinan University

Biography: Heru Chen has completed his Ph.D from the Hong Kong University of Scie ReadMore...

Research Interest: My research interests are directed toward the idenfication o ReadMore...

K. Husnu Can BASER

Professor of Pharmacognosy
Anadolu University

Biography: K.H.C. Baser has completed his PhD from University of London in 1978. ReadMore...

Research Interest: Botany, chemistry, biological activity, technology of medici ReadMore...

Pei-Yuan Qian

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Kong

Biography: Pei-Yuan Qian is currently a Chair Professor in Division of Life Scien ReadMore...

Research Interest: His laboratory focuses on 1) larval omics of marine invert ReadMore...

Vanderlan da S. Bolzani

Sao Paulo State University

Biography: Vanderlan da S. Bolzani, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry is full professor ReadMore...

Research Interest:

Rama Swamy Nanna

Kakatiya University

Biography: Prof. Rama Swamy Nanna has completed his PhD at the age of 26 years fr ReadMore...

Research Interest: Plant Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and In-Vitro Cultur ReadMore...

C. Nirmala

Professor of Botany
Panjab University

Biography: Dr. C. Nirmala is a Professor in the Department of Botany, Panjab Univ ReadMore...

Research Interest: